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Kane has haiku colored dreams [entries|friends|calendar]

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[20 May 2008|10:23pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

At the very least you've figured your priorities out.

I'm glad you had the gumption to pick weed over me.  Really.

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[19 May 2008|12:47am]

I wrote this story in the first grade; it is the pinnacle of my literary genius.  Everything is sic by the way. Enjoy! :)

"The Circus and The Huge Lion"

One day we decided to go to the Amazing Circus.  When we got there there were people in costumes.  They were in a raccoon suits, and rhino suits.  Then I heard a loud loud roar in a black tent.  All the people were running.  I saw a sign I did not know how to read but I saw appicture of a lion.  Some-thing broke.  Then I knew what the sign said. "A Huge lion".  The lion was scarey but when he was fixing to roar he turn into a kitten the people were not scared any more.  He was cute.  So I got to keep him.  I named him Japer.  When we got to the house he clawed furniture.  He played with yarn balls.  He ate left overs.  Now I wish I had named him FatCat.  Jasper was just crossing the road and a car hit him.  But I have another pet was just like him except not as fat. 

[and then in really, really giant letters] THE END

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Writer's Block: Here's the Skinny... [20 Apr 2008|01:45pm]
Have you ever been skinny dipping?
 The cold, wet answer is "yes."  

To flesh out the situation just a little more: Rozina, Matt, Drew, Amanda, Jon Michael, and I were all naked in Barren River Lake at one point in time.

It was crazy amounts of fun.  And everyone has a white ass. 
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[29 Jan 2008|01:34pm]
 So my university has misplaced a large chunk of my student loan.  I'm so sick of money and worrying about it that I'm ready to go become an ascetic monk somewhere in the himalayans.  I'm not sure which I hate more: money or the cold.
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[27 Jan 2008|08:58pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I have  $18.32, total.  I've been trying to write the same paper for 5 days now, to no avail.

I'm just all out of words.

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Hawtness [18 Dec 2007|03:05pm]

3.75!  HAWT! :D

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[06 Sep 2007|03:03pm]
 I am having more goddamned anxiety over this fucking philosophy paper than I've experienced in a long, long time.  I hate philosophy.  I hate philosophy.  I fucking hate philosophy.
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The Morning After [26 Aug 2007|11:16am]

I get a shower and find a cut on the back of my leg that probably occurred sometime at the party.  It hurts now.  I hate it when I find little wounds that I previously knew nothing about.

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[26 Aug 2007|04:16am]

So I had my first experience with the college party.  Three girls were flirting with me; one of them was -hitting- on me.  She leaned in to my ear and said, quite forcefully, "You know, you're really cute.  You should be more forward."  I smiled and blushed.  And then I walked outside where she was waiting for me.  She then said, "Seriously."  I treated her to the same reaction.

I'm surprised I can type this well while inebriated.

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[25 Aug 2007|04:08pm]
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[24 Aug 2007|02:14pm]
Oh man. I'll edit an actual entry in here when I have time to think.
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[14 Aug 2007|02:08am]
Well...Livejournal...here goes...

I'm ready for a change of scenery. Last weekend wasn't very fun. In contrast to the people around me, I wasn't having that great of a time. I'm happy that they're happy -- but ultimately I just need to get in touch with myself. I feel like I've lost contact with me. I also did something I'm not proud of, but to respect his personal interests, I'm not going to mention it. While I'm not particularly worried about it, it could potentially harm his place in society or something. I don't know. It's late and I haven't posted in awhile.

I've missed very few people as much as I'm missing Will right now. There are only about 4 others that I've reached this level with. I don't want to contact him either; he's better off independent from me.

I watched MTV for about 6 hours with Hannah, played Pokemon obsessively, and brooded, heavily, over the course my life is about to take.

I'm about to move away from something that has been very familiar and routine to me. I'm moving away from friends and family that I love. I know I've said it a thousand and one times, but my greatest fear is losing that closeness with these people.

And goddamn if this thought hasn't been stuck in my head for the past month: "I really wish I could make you laugh like I used to."

Hurray outlet.

Things I'm putting off: painting shoes, having long and complicated talks with people that I need to have long and complicated talks with, and coming out to the parents

I suppose, above all, I just want a hug that will knock me off my cynical ass. I want to feel embraced.
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[06 Aug 2007|12:26am]
Titty rock in the mo'nin. Work at night. Casey forgot to bring me my crap. I will not be able to brush my teeth because of that.

Bad Casey, bad! =P
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Thoughts [03 Aug 2007|01:53pm]
This is going to be a stream-of-consciousness update about Warped until I can edit in a more refined entry. Here goes. ---

1:30, anticipation rising.

1:31, I walk into Casey's room; PJ, asleep...Casey, antsy and pacing. Everything is normal.

1:59, Outside -- brief discussion about who's car to take. Convinced that my car was the wrong choice (flash forward: I'm an idiot)

2:03, departure for Jarrod ("Who the hell is Jarrod!?) crib, listening to Paramore

2:??, leave Jarrod crib, depart for Cincinati -- Entire trip my head is under a blanket and I'm trying my GODDAMNEDEST to go to sleep because I can't stand the music or the fucking wind for two more minutes or I'm going to strangle Casey for constantly bumping into my leg. Two Foxy Shazam!!! songs. Relief. Anger, removed. August Burns Red found its way into the cd player; Kane, bored out of his misery all over again.

Arrival, friends wanted sleep -- I wanted to talk to cute guy standing in parking lot. Climb over PJ. They sleep, I chitter chat to Brittany, Matt, and Megan. They attract fat chicks like the fucking plague. I return to car and stand for about 15 minutes. Old guy on weird contraption tells us to go park somewhere else. Confusion for 5-10 minutes. We park and walk toward entrance.

7:00 through 10:00 are a blur. Standing in line; arrival of Carrie and her crew; PJ, Casey, and Wozzy, shirtless; I go get water for them because I don't mind walking. Annoying kid. Supremely annoying kid.
We get into the concert, first thing --

Chiodos: Brilliant. The sound was awesome, I was into it, and having a great time. More shirtless dudes appeared, in various levels of attractiveness. Eye candy.

Next was Parkway Drive, I think. I sat in the ampitheatre and fell asleep. Boredom from car returned.

Felt seperated from PJ, Casey, and Wozzy based solely on the fact of musical tastes -- and they kept scurrying away before I had time to catch up. Oh well...at Warped I suppose you have to have priorities.

Carrie's friends are named Malissa, Brittany, and James. I think James is gay, but at the same time...straight-gay. No, he's gay. Bumps into me and makes lewd jokes at awkard, non-funny times. Parkway Drive concert filled with his awkward come-ons.

After Parkway Drive - PJ, Wozzy, Casey, Carrie walk past me and Carrie's friends. Meh? I catch up to them. Random conversation. Next band.

At this point I can't remember which bands went in what order, but these are the ones that we either saw, heard, or caught oral glimpses of:
Parkway Drive
Straylight Run (bad show)
Underoath (too many crowd surfers...ouch my poor pansy arms)
Tiger Army
Meg and Dia
Coheed and Cambria
Alkaline Trio
Killswitch Engage
Circa Survive
amongst others...

I saw the following people, knowing damn well that I would see them:
Laura, Carrie.

I saw the following people, not having the slightest clue that they would be there:
Shannon Concello, Evan, Laura, Erik, Lindsey Roberson (Mexi)

First time since I've seen Shannon/Evan since Rozina's wedding, Laura since a concert about four months ago, Erik for the first time ever, and Lindsey in years. I thought Erik was cute. Sort of. In an odd sort of way. Eh? Attraction is a strange thing. Usually I have no interest in people who smoke and love Killswitch Engage like cigarette companies love cartoon characters.

Long story short. Break down. Funny happenings. Wozzy learning of homosexuality. Funny happenings. Good times, good memories. Hopefully I won't forget them.

In conclusion: hanging out with three EXTREMELY sexually frusterated straight guys will always yield this following conversation --

Wozzy: "Kane, seriously...you should try fucking a girl once..."
PJ: "Yea, dude!"
Casey: (didn't speak, because he knew better)
Kane: "...Then in all fairness you should try fucking a dude at least once."
Wozzy/PJ: "Good point."

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PSYCHE ME! PSYCHE ME NOW! [30 Jul 2007|03:00am]
[ mood | crazy ]


Copy that into your search bar. Paste it into the proper box under the headline "Psyche you!" and make me sparkle. :)

I'll love you forever if you do it.


In other news, found a really, really, REALLY hot guy that goes to bellarmine that I saw at SOAR. But he's so out of my league it's not even funny. I might as well try to date the most powerful man in all of America - Condaleeza Rice. RAWR! CUDDLE MONSTER!

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Today's Lessons: [26 Jul 2007|12:57am]
1.) If you're gay or afraid of micro chips, you should move to France.
2.) Canada is better than France.
3.) Yuki's makes any day better by a shit ton.
4.) I'm far, far, less superior to every other gay dude in the world.
5.) This is my personalDNA.

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[25 Jul 2007|12:18am]
Today I got an angry message from Malissa. Told me I was fucking up her life.

Oi vei.
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A Brief of History of one Mr. B. Kane Bryant [22 Jul 2007|01:31pm]
In fifth grade I struggled a great deal with questions like "who am I" and "why do I act the way I do." In sixth grade I sacrificed a large portion of my personality to fit into a clique I didn't even like that much. In seventh grade I attempted to return to my roots. In eighth grade I experienced the greatest depression of my life; orientation is a hard thing to admit to yourself. In ninth grade I experienced the greatest bliss in my life -- carefree and immature, I was in my prime. Sophomore year: back to shit. Junior year: shit, but not as shitty as sophomore year. And senior year I lost touch with so many people.

And now, as I'm reflecting on my life, I seem to be struggling with questions like "who am I" and "why do I act the way I do."
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[22 Jul 2007|01:12pm]
Work tonight, Bellarmine on the morrow, and I'm missing the best days of my life.
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[20 Jul 2007|03:48pm]
There's a violin melody stuck in my head.
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